Crown Center

Springfield, Virginia
Crown Center
Crown Center
Crown Center
Crown Center
Crown Center
Crown Center
Project description
Edgemoor was the development manager for this 13 acre, 230,246 SF project and was responsible for the property entitlements, design, financing, construction, marketing, lease-up and initial building operations.
Principals at Edgemoor, operating under the name Clark Real Estate Advisors, located the property, entered into a purchase agreement for the property, and master planned the development from existing fuel storage tanks to a Flex Office Building development. Covering 13 acres, Crown Center includes two office/flex buildings totaling 230,246 SF (Building A is 124,438 SF and Building B is 105,808 SF), of which 198,230 SF is 1st floor office/flex space with loading access and 32,016 SF is 2nd story office space. Both buildings are served by a class A common lobby with a full size elevator and three stairs.
Project Type
Project Details
Cost: $29 Million
Size: 230,246 Square Feet
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Crown Center Lifecycle

We understand that every client is different and that each project will contain some, if not all, of the Project Lifecycle elements. Crown Center, structured as a Traditional Real Estate Development project, included the following lifecycle elements:

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