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Edgemoor offers comprehensive development solutions to a broad range of clients in a streamlined, cost-efficient manner. 
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Guaranteed Turnkey Delivery
Edgemoor’s proven approach accelerates delivery of needed infrastructure and real estate while maximizing risk transference through early guarantees on cost and schedule.
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Asset Management
Edgemoor brings additional value to its clients, even after delivery and occupancy, through its asset management capabilities. By maintaining an oversight role early on, Edgemoor is able to ensure cost-effective and efficient operations.
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Development Management
As the overall team lead, Edgemoor creates value for its clients by coordinating between end users, key stakeholders, and the project team. Edgemoor offers clients the ability to choose from a wide range of development services to meet their specific requirements on a project-by-project basis.
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Transaction Structuring
Edgemoor prides itself on offering comprehensive financial solutions for the most complex projects and working side-by-side with each client to find the right financing approach that best fits their project.
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project lifecycle
The Project Lifecycle refers to a series of activities that are necessary to fulfill a project’s goals or objectives. Learn more about the Edgemoor Project Lifecycle.

Innovative solutions for the built environment.

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