Development Management

The purpose of investing time and energy in a structured development process is to deliver a project that exceeds our clients' goals and objectives.
Collaborative Effort
The development process of any complex project is an organized collaboration between partners and stakeholders who work together to achieve a common goal.  Edgemoor knows that investing time and energy into this process minimizes the risks which can put stress on a project and enables us to exceed client expectations in project delivery. Edgemoor reduces project risks by performing comprehensive due diligence on project development and financial requirements, verifying programming requirements, providing fixed-pricing for development, design, and construction, and guaranteeing the delivery schedule early on in the process.

From a "nuts and bolts" perspective, Edgemoor's approach not only focuses on the up-front project activities, but also carries the project delivery from planning and design through to commissioning and move-in coordination.
Expert in
development management
Virginia Dobesh
Senior Development Manager
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We understand and help guide the work of each team member involved, illustrating how their role fits harmoniously into the larger picture.

From design to completion of construction, the teams worked almost seamlessly in a very collaborative environment. The focus on being solution-oriented was a big part of the success of the project. The working relationships between the teams and KU has been one of the best in my tenure."

Jim Modig, R.A., University Architect,
University of Kansas

Development Management

  • Helping the client define their vision for a project and the programmatic requirements needed to bring that vision to life
  • Defining a project's design parameters, development budget, project schedule, financing considerations, and operations and lifecycle solutions
  • Procuring and managing the numerous design, engineering, and other consultants who are critical to a technically sound project

Development Management

  • Establishing a mutually beneficial legal framework to guide the project from concept through years of operations
  • Managing the overall process to ensure that budget and schedule milestones are achieved and that each decision the client makes is framed appropriately to ensure that the project delivers on their vision and will meet their needs for years to come

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