Asset Management

Edgemoor brings additional value to its clients even after delivery and occupancy through its asset management capabilities.

"First Thought"

Edgemoor addresses cost of occupancy issues more effectively than traditional fee-based third -party operators by inegrating builder operational expertise from early conceptual design through construction, move-in and turnover, and building occupancy. Edgemoor’s continuum of service ensures that lifecycle and operating costs are not an after-thought left for the building occupant or owner but rather a “first thought” addressed during design and construction, ensuring that operations will be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Edgemoor’s experience includes operations, maintenance and asset management of many institutional, commercial and government facilities in the U.S., including providing services on long-term performance-based contracts.

Clark Facility Solutions (CFS), an affiliate of Edgemoor, currently manages more than 1.3 million square feet of space (with another 1.4 million square feet coming on-line in the next two years). Together, CFS and Edgemoor can maximize the value our client's receive by leveraging our combined facilities/asset management experience.

Having [Edgemoor] responsible for the long-term operation of the the table [during design & construction] is a quality control mechanism of sorts that helps ensure that the product being built using fast track construction will be an enduring asset.

Clifford Ham, Principal Architect at the Administrative, Office of the Courts (AOC) of California

O&M activities don’t just begin at building turnover.

We are involved in design to ensure the building systems and finishes are chosen with an eye towards long-term operating performance. During the construction phase, members of Edgemoor’s facility management team will inspect the work and advise on access for proper, efficient systems maintenance. Once the building becomes operational, the on-going facility management services can include:


  • Facility management
  • Disposition
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Capital repairs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tenant relations
  • Budget establishment & management
  • Repositioning of the asset
  • Refinancing (if needed)

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Edgmoor's expertise in asset Management is unsurpassed in the industry. 

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Edgemoor is a leading vertically-integrated developer and asset manager of buildings and infrastructure and offers tailored comprehensive development solutions to a broad range of clients.