Director, Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate

As an important member/leader of a deal team at Edgemoor, this individual will team with the other leadership of Edgemoor to drive all aspects of the opportunity from creating the deal, managing the pursuit process, to managing the project after award.


As an important member/leader of a deal team at Edgemoor, this individual will team with the other leadership of Edgemoor to drive all aspects of the opportunity from creating the deal, managing the pursuit process, to managing the project after award. This leader must operate with the utmost integrity, bring influential and effective interpersonal skills, possess refined emotional intelligence and have an impressive history of team leadership.

The position would be based in Bethesda, MD and report to an Edgemoor Managing Director.

The individual will be responsible for:

  • Establish a strong working relationship with the rest of the Edgemoor leadership team
  • As an important member of the group, help implement the business strategy to achieve financial objectives through developing and executing strategy, enhancing existing and establishing new partnerships
  • Provide leadership and guidance on both winning new work and managing projects by
  • Sourcing new opportunities, developing strong relationships with potential clients, financing sources, design partners, and other project development leads
  • Lead Edgemoor pursuits/projects, including partner selection and overall pursuit and team management
  • Foster and form strategic pursuit partnerships
  • Support and help structure project financing
  • Draft proposals to respond to solicitations
  • Assist in the negotiation of contractual arrangements, both with project partners and owners/clients
  • Represent Edgemoor at industry events and conferences
  • For active development projects:
  • Work with design manager to complete the project design
  • Coordinate with utility service providers
  • Manage third-party consultants
  • Provide monthly update reports
  • Submit monthly payment requisitions
  • Provide construction oversight, including oversee the work of the design-builder, change order management, and quality control
  • Coordinate turnover and move-in
  • Obtain permits and entitlements
  • Public relations / community outreach
  • Build and maintain a best-in-class Edgemoor team with the opportunity for development and growth of individuals not just through increased experience but also through rotation/ circulation throughout the group
  • Embed a culture of integrity, ethics and transparency. Earn the respect of his or her peers, subordinates and superiors for his or her integrity, ethics, moral compass and ability to set a standard for their leadership to follow



The successful candidate will be a broadly qualified and highly talented with experience with complicated infrastructure and/or real estate development projects. The successful candidate will exhibit sound financial judgement, possess high self-confidence, a collaborative/ transparent working style and an ability to lead a team.

  • Leadership/Business Acumen - Good understanding of the strategic, operational and financial components of broader business management, having led teams and served as an advisor/partner at mid-senior levels within an organization.;
  • Financial, Strategic, Development and Construction Expertise - A track record of establishing/contributing to creative solutions in the areas of real estate development.  Has added value and contributed to the overall growth and profitability of the enterprise.
  • Stakeholder Communication - Ability to communicate effectively with, persuade, and gain “buy-in” from, a broad range of stakeholders (e.g. clients, designers, community leaders, GCs).
  • A desire and ability to be in the leadership of a growing enterprise. Overriding business orientation and a strong capacity to lead and manage the growth, profitability, risk, and reputation of a large and successful operating business, drawing upon demonstrated prior success and experiences as a talent management leader.
  • A demonstrated ability to make decisions in an effective/timely manner, Ability to develop talent and to instill accountability, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and appreciation for compliance.
  • A solid results-orientation – Displays a nimble approach to achieving individual and organizational objectives.
  • A collaborative approach – Works collaboratively with others to complete shared tasks; brings others along to ensure the success of relevant organizational changes and/or initiatives.
  • An innovative attitude – Looks for opportunities to work faster and smarter, and respond to business challenges with ingenuity; finds a way to get the job done without “breaking glass” along the way.
  • Outstanding presence. Possesses a strong yet approachable demeanor, is mature, and has strong communication skills.


MINIMUM    EXPERIENCE                                                                                  

At least 10 years of relevant work experience (pre or post-graduate school)



Undergraduate and/or graduate degree from top university.  MBA or equivalent degree preferred but not required if strong relevant experience.

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