Desa Sealy

Desa brings 25 years of real estate development experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Her multi-sector perspective allows her to identify creative solutions to meet the needs of various client types. Desa regularly works with cities and local governments and has been very successful in competing for and winning development rights to public properties. She is also an expert at navigating the development process, necessary for working in partnership with local jurisdictions. A Presidential appointee to the General Services Administration, Desa served as agency expert on public private partnerships. Since completing her Federal service, Desa has delved into the P3 arena and works with local governments to address their complex real estate challenges.
Desa holds a BA in Urban Studies from Brown University and a MSc in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.
We have the good fortune to be able to partner with wonderful clients to deliver spectacular, custom built facilities in a way in which everyone wins… the client, the end users and us, a true triple bottom line.

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